My own project

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This project started while I was applying for jobs. I saw great projects, talking to developers and learning about nice features.

Comparing to my first site, I wanted to be more organised with my CSS. So I started using smaller scss files and thinking about the way I wanted to use the navigation bar. Which led me to getting to know CSS animations a lot better. I was really proud of the look and feel of the menu and the hamburger.

During the build of this project I was still learning a lot about basic JavaScript. I was getting results with jQuery but a good friend of mine told me it's better to get the basics with JavaScript down first. So I tried too remove all the jQuery and convert that to JS (and if possible ES6). Eventually I started working on a small script for the contactform. It wasn't meant to really send data but I wanted to learn JS with something practical and not foo, bar, baz stuff.